Invest in a Franchise

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Posted by Anthony Samples on

As we talk to clients who are considering going into business for themselves, many have never thought about buying a franchise.  Some are so convinced that franchises are out of their league that they don’t even want to talk about the possibilities.  When one thinks of franchising, their thoughts may automatically turn to the “golden ...
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Attention: Buyers, Buyers, Buyers

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Posted by Tony Samples on

If you have been searching for a business on your own, you know that it can be frustrating and time consuming. Ask yourself, are you serious about buying a business?   When you are ready to buy, we would like to help you find that perfect business. Of course, we first will have you consider the great businesses we have available. If none of those work for ...
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Is Your Business Ready To Sell?

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Posted by Anthony Samples on

At some point, every privately held business will be sold, transferred to a relative, or closed. Some business owners operate their business without ever considering an exit plan. Then something unfortunate occurs and the business is not prepared to sell, but must be sold quickly – and usually at a huge discount.   Your business should be prepared ...
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What DO Your Employees Want?

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Posted by Laura Barbara, Murphy Business Broker on

I have very fond memories of my first “real” job. After all, this was my initial step into the real world: no longer did I receive cash for a few hours of watching someone’s children; I now had my hands on an official paycheck – complete with my social security number, full address, and withholdings for the government! I was attending ...
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